Swim Routes

Swim Routes & wetsuit information*

*Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for information on wetsuit policies

All swim elements of this year’s race will take place in the sheltered setting of Plymouth’s Cattewater & will coincide with a slack tide, minimizing any risks that a strong tide could pose. Please find the swim routes for your respective age groups below:

There will be water support on the day in the form of kayaks, SUP’s & a safety boat. If you encounter issues while swimming, please roll onto your back, raise your hand and a member of our water support crew will come to your assistance.

Athletes must keep ALL YELLOW BUOYS on their RIGHT as they navigate the swim course.

All age groups (with the exception of TriStar 2), must keep the green marker pole next to the exit slipway on their LEFT as they come to the end of the swim.


In the unlikely event that water temperatures exceed 22°c, wetsuits will be banned for all races. It is likely that the water temperature on the day will fall between 14°C and 22°C. In line with British Triathlon rules, this will mean that wetsuits are likely to be optional for all races, however, we strongly advise that due to the nature of the swim and age of the competitors, athletes should wear wetsuits. Again, it is unlikely, but if the water temperature is below 14°C, wetsuits will become compulsory for all races.

Information regarding water temperature will be relayed to athletes via email the day prior to the event, as well as being displayed at registration on the day of the race & reiterated during each race briefing.