Ermington Time Trial Series

When attending the events, please park considerately around the village and where possible park closer together to allow residents space to park – we are guests after all!


Ermington Cycling Time Trials 2020

A3121 (TT route) Safety improvement road works programme 2020

Due to the significant works for the safety improvements on the A3121 there is an impact on this year’s usual TT schedule.

I have been working with the Devon County Council (DCC) and Cycling Time Trials (CTT) to try and minimise this impact.

The advantage we have with the current ‘there and back’ route is that’s relatively straight forward to set up in the evening and requires a small number of marshals and timekeepers.

With this mind, the closest alternative route proposed by CTT (South Brent B3210/A385) is a loop. On preliminary Risk Assessment this would require notably more marshals and set up time, both of which just aren’t practical in the time we have in the evenings.

A potential ‘non CTT’ route has been considered, but difficulties arise with the provision of toilets. Please remember with a CTT route we benefit from their accreditation. To date I haven’t investigated the possibility of PTC seeking its own suitable protection/insurance to run such ‘independent’ events.

Additionally, for the longer term (from later this year), I understand from the DCC that the A3121 road layout at Kitterford Cross (the main crossroads at the top of hill, before the turn around point) will undergo a permanent change that may threaten the viability of the course overall. We need to understand this a bit more before any further decisions are made.

Therefore, can you please take note of the following proposed scheduled:

  • April – Cancelled. No Event.
  • 6th May – Scheduled – **Risk of late cancellation**
  • 3rd June – Scheduled.
  • 1st July – Scheduled.
  • 5th August – Scheduled.
  • 2nd September – Scheduled. **Risk of late cancellation**

I hope the disruption wont affect your TT season too much. Please check closer to the scheduled dates for any updates.


The cost of entry is three pounds for PTC members and five pounds for non-members. All competitors need to be part of CTT affiliated cycling or tri club. These events are being run by PTC on behalf of Cycling Time Trials. They are intended to be informal, friendly events and anyone is welcome to come along and have a go. The course will be marshalled so all you need is a roadworthy bike and a helmet and you are ready to race!

Course reord: 22:50, Andrew White (Bpm Coaching) September 2018


Pre-registration will open one week before the event and is capped at 30 competitors. Registration for those entering on the day is held at the Crooked Spire Inn, Ermington from 5.15pm until 6:10pm. The first rider will set off at 6.30pm so it’s advisable to arrive early to register and guarantee your race – there is a maximum of 60 riders.

Anyone over the age of 12 can participate, but if you are under 18 you will need to bring a parental consent form which can be downloaded by clicking here.

A series Leaderboard is used to award trophies in the categories below. Each competitor’s best 2 times from a minimum of 3 races are used to calculate their final average time. The trophies are awarded following the final event in September.

Trophy Categories

  • Best Times Overall (First, Second, Third)
  • Best Female Times (First, Second, Third)
  • Best Plymouth Triathlon Club Times  (First, Second, Third)
  • Best Junior Time
  • Best Achievement

The Course

20qfTnvjThe course follows CTT’s S3/10S which is a 10 mile out-and-back course, starting at Ermington near Hollocombe Cross, keeping on the A3121 and heading out towards Ugborough, turning at Ladywell Cross and back, the finish line will be opposite the start.

For those of you on Strava, Click here for the course segment.