Plymouth Triathlon Bike Leg Info: NEW ROUTE 21 June 2015

new bike toute(Subject to change)

Owing to ongoing roadworks along the A379, the bike route has had to be amended to avoid a traffic-light controlled contra-flow. We apologise for changes which are beyond our control. New map shown above and details in this link

Bike Route 25 Miles

It is your responsibility to know the route although the route will be well signed with arrows and Marshals at significant points

There are a couple of danger hotspots which will be either marshalled with red flags or CAUTION signs – obey all traffic and race signs. A No Tri bars sign will be placed in two areas  ensure you obey these for your own and all other road users safety. Disobeying a Marshall or No Tri bars sign will be an automatic 5 minute penalty with NO right of appeal.

Whilst we wish you to race hard you are reminded of the Highway Code and the need to comply with Road Traffic legislation both of which you must follow at all times. This includes cutting across mini roundabouts. These areas will be marshalled and any competitor seen doing this will be given a 5 minute penalty with no right to appeal. Please go around all mini roundabouts and be aware of fellow riders in these areas.

The course is undulating with a significant climb between 3 and 5 miles. This leads to a repeated out and back looped route the majority on ‘A’ roads. Some of the route is in residential areas and have unavoidable junctions. Ensure you exercise extreme caution in these built up areas re traffic and pedestrians.

At the turn point in Brixton it is  MANDATORY that you call out your number to the Marshall before turning for home. This is to ensure all competitors complete the 2 loops.

The road surface is generally good but we are in the UK so expect the odd rough surface and pothole.

Follow the link for a map of the NEW bike course.

BIKE COURSE —PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and be aware of junctions….always obey Road Traffic Legislation, the Highway Code and Marshall instructions.

  1. From Transition at Mount Batten follow road out.
  2. You will go round a sharp bend and into a short steep descent after approx 1 mile. There is a mini roundabout, then a pedestrian crossing (CAUTION) at the bottom of this so please show caution.
  3. After approx another 0.5 miles you will have another mini- roundabout turn right into Redicliff Road / Redicliff Close, complete a loop of this road there is a short steep descent to a Left Turn (NO AERO BARS on this section).
  4. You then return to the mini-roundabout and turn left, descending to a Pedestrian Crossing & Mini-roundabout, look forward to the climb.
  5. Turn left into Jennycliff Lane and at the top turn left again into Staddon Lane, keeping the car park on your left hand side.
  6. Continue straight up the hill – ensure that you keep strictly to the left. If electing to overtake a slower moving cyclist do so quickly but with consideration for oncoming traffic.
  7. Pass the Golf Club on your left and continue – you will again come to a warning sign (NO AERO BARS) and proceed through a narrow section of road with a left & right turn, before coming to a T junction, at this point turn left into Bovisand Road.
  8. Continue straight ahead into Staddiscombe Road into Goosewell Road and a long descent be warned this is a 30 mph speed limit and you are expected to comply – any competitor found exceeding this will be subject to automatic disqualification with NO right of appeal. Take care as you are also approaching a roundabout.
  9. At the roundabout take a left (1st exit) at the next 2 roundabouts continue straight (2nd exit).
  10. You will approach a marshalled T-junction turn right into Furzhatt Rd
  11. You will then turn left into Dolphin Crescent. Continue along this road for approx 500m where you will come to a mini roundabout. You must go right here and NOT cut the roundabout. Marshals will be waiting and you will be penalised.
  12. You now continue along Stanborough Road until you reach another roundabout where you will turn left onto the A379 towards Plymouth continue in the direction of Plymouth..
  13. This is a wide section of road with a cycle lane and is a fast section continue straight at the first roundabout passing Ocean Garage on the left. HOWEVER, after approx 1.5 mile you will come to another roundabout next to Morrison’s where you will go completely around it and head back the way you have come. Marshalls will be observing this roundabout.
  14. You will now have the next 3.5 miles without any junctions to the turnaround point at Modbury. There will be signs but it is a straight undulating as you enter into Brixton turn right at the mini-roundabout follow this road to the turn-around point. It is essential that at this point you call out your race number to the Marshalls. This is to ensure that all competitors complete both laps and also to account for all riders on the circuit.
  15. Return to the mini-roundabout and turn left, this time follow the route back to the Morrison’s roundabout then follow the same route back to Brixton and the turnaround.
  16. Again at this point ensure that you call out your race number to the Marshals, before returning to the min-roundabout turning left and heading towards Plymouth.
  17. You will then proceed along the same route back but will turn left at the roundabout (after approx. 21.3 miles) into Stanborough Road as directed by the Marshall. The route from here is the same as the route out.
  18. EXTREME CAUTION (approx. 23 miles)….as you come to the end of Underlane you will see a Marshall with a red flag. The descent to the end of Underlane is very steep and you need to ensure you have enough braking distance before the junction to ride safely. As you exit the junction you will still be on a steep descent to a mini roundabout 200m further down.
  19. This is probably the most dangerous section of the course if you are going too fast!
  20. As you get nearer to Transition you may find cars in the area so please exercise caution (and Patience). Care should be exercised if you are overtaking vehicles as this may cause them to unnecessarily slow down and thereby cause a hazard to pedestrians or other road users.
  21. Continue to the dismount line and ensure that you have dismounted before crossing the line.
  22. Enter Transition, keeping to the RIGHT of the marked lane as Juniors will be racing down the left hand side, failure to comply will result in a 2 minute penalty.

Cycling Safety Notice:

Roads are open to traffic. The Road Traffic Act and Highway Code must be complied with at all times.

Cycle on the LEFT. If overtaking a slower rider pull in once you are past.

You will NOT have priority at junctions, be prepared to Give Way / STOP!

Any cyclist who is reported by marshals, officials, police, other road users and competitors, or spectators riding dangerously or without due care, will be disqualified without recourse to an appeal.

Dangerous riding includes (but is not limited to) riding in the centre or right side of a road, cutting across the centre white line at a junction, failing to obey a marshal’s instruction.


Cycling Rules:

No Drafting – 7 metre gap must be kept from the cyclists around you. If overtaking a slower rider you have 30 seconds in which to complete the manoeuvre. It is the responsibility of the overtaken cyclist to drop back and maintain the 7metre gap once the faster rider has his or her wheel in front.

If you are, in the opinion of the static marshalls or draftbusters, deliberately drafting and seeking to gain an advantage you will be issued with a 2 minute time penalty.

Drafting is a “judgement” call – the marshall or draftbuster does not have to notify you at the time of your penalty as this could compromise road safety.

If you are reported twice you will be DQ’d.

There will be a ‘Penalty Area’ in transition where you will serve your time penalty. It is not a good place to sit and watch people streaming past you or have the indignity of being caught. Don’t do it!


Side by side riding is forbidden. (-see above)

If you are not overtaking keep to the left hand side of the road allowing faster cyclists and traffic to overtake you.

On all roads with a centre white line DO NOT cross the centre white line. (DQ)

A Cycle Helmet must be worn. Please Note your helmet must be fastened on your head before you take hold of your bike and must remain fastened until after you have racked your bike. (2min penalty if rectified)

No riding in the transition areas – listen to the marshals you must mount and dismount at the designated lines. (2min penalty if rectified)


We now operate a zero tolerance of litter at this race. Anyone reported dropping litter on the course will be given a 5 minute penalty or have the penalty added to their time if this happens on the run.

Ensure you drop all bottles / cups at the Drop Zone on either the bike or run course and not in the hedges.