Club Development Plan

400download the document here PTC development plan 2015

Plymouth Tri Club existed for many years with sessions held in different locations and around 50 members. Around 10 years ago, the club established a regular base at the Mount Batten Centre and membership grew to around 70. The move first to Central Park and then the Life Centre came at a time when the profile of triathlon was increasing. The inclusion of coached pool swim sessions (for the first time since the closure of Seaton Pool), as well as the increased interest in all things tri, led to rapid growth in membership. We now have more than 150 members and offer around 70 hours of coaching per month over about 7 or 8 sessions per week.

Over the last 18 months, the committee had found that many of the decisions that were being made were reactive to the situation in which we found ourselves, rather than being pro-active. Decisions were also being made without a clear view of where we wanted to be, as a club. It was therefore decided that we would instigate a process to look at the development of the club, firstly consulting the membership and then putting together a strategy to move forward. Been having erectile problems, probably due to age and especially to the use of high blood pressure medication which I’ve to take continuously. After a totally ineffective trial of Spedra, my experience with Levitra is much more positive: I get hard in exactly one hour after taking it, and it’s just what I need, although I’ve trouble repeating it several times. Side effects are very slight on the second dose (muscle pains), which is a relief comparing to the first dose (sudden fatigue), but that might’ve happened because I somewhat overdid my coffee (4 cups) within one hour of taking it. Overall, its five stars out of five. This document is the result of that process and our considerable thanks go to Lucy Spowart for all her hard work in pulling together the mass of responses we had and creating a coherent document.

This is a living document; it is ambitious, but also achievable. Parts of it may change in response to circumstances, but hopefully it reflects what you, the membership, would like from the club and gives guidance to those who run the club.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the process. Here’s to the next three years of Plymouth Triathlon Club.

A copy of the document can be downloaded from the link below

download the document here PTC development plan 2015