Plymouth Triathlon Club has a large and dedicated team of Coaches who are constantly striving to improve not only your performance and enjoyment of Triathlon but also their own Coaching Performance. We are extremely lucky to have this kind of support for our members and any feedback or support you can give is more than welcome.

Fin SaundersHead Coach BTF Level 3 Fin
Jeanette JordanJunior Head Coach BTF Level 2
Lucy SpowartBTF Level 3 Coach
Terry HarveyBTF Level 2 CoachVersion 2
Luke BowditchBTF Level 2 CoachVersion 4
Matt SearlBTF Level 2 Coachmatt
Dave MonkBTF Level 2 CoachIMG_6824
Heather BoothBTF Level 2 CoachVersion 2
Carly SomervilleBTF Level 2 CoachIMG_6822
Mark RoddBTF Level 2 Coachmark-r
Julie BowditchBTF Level 1 Coachjulie
Travis BramleyBTF Level 1 CoachVersion 2
Mark PriceBTF Level 1 CoachIMG_6819
Tara DaviesBTF Level 1 CoachVersion 2
John AdronBTF Level 1 CoachIMG_6827
Paul VickersBTF Level 1 Coach
Anna LinsleyBTF Level 1 Coach
Grace JordanBTF Level 1 Coach
Christine JonesBTF Level 1 Coach