ALL ADULTS will be required to have a minimum standard of swimming. To attend sessions, you will be expected to be able to swim 400m freestyle non-stop (not fast, just non-stop).

All of the scheduled club sessions are held either at the Plymouth Life Centre or Mount Batten Centre (Open Water) with details as follows:


Open Water Swimming:  6.30pm to 7.30pm at the slipway next to the Mount Batten Centre.mountbatten-1358452746

Adult Session £3.  These sessions will stop at the end of September. There may also be a short run around the area afterwards, so bring your run kit too. This session is led by Dave Monk (L2 Coach).



Because of the limited session time, you will be required to be on poolside at least 5 minutes before the start time so you can be in the water promptly and make the most of your 45 minutes.

Intermediate Swimmers Session:  19:45-20:30 – 4 Lanes

The Life Centre, Plymouth, PL2 3DG. £3 per session. Intermediate swim session coached by the PTC Team, these sessions are based on the Swim Smooth programme for technique work.

Junior Swim Session £3: 19:00-19:45 – 4 Lanes

27/02/2012 Pic Balfour Beatty/Guy Channing Life Centre, Plymouth, Devon Contact John Bunker, Construction Director 01752 556244

Technique session coached by Matt Searl. Please bring a drink, kickboard, pull buoy and fins and be poolside 10 minutes early. Other coaches will be used during these sessions, but they are primarily run by those mentioned above. As per the adult sessions, the Swim Smooth programme will be run for the teaching of Front Crawl for use in Triathlon swimming, no other strokes will be taught.


Beginners Swim Session.  £3  6.50pm for a 7.00pm start at the Plymouth Life Centre – 8.00pm – Please note to attend this session you need to be able to swim 100m of Front Crawl face in the water and consistently breathing to the side. A good beginner session for those starting out in Triathlon.


Advanced Swim Session (must be able to swim 400m in under 9 mins in a 50m pool.)banner-lifecentre-pools

Intermediate and advanced swim session in the 50m pool at The Life Centre coached by a PTC BTF coach. £3 per session

7.20am for a 7.30 am start – 8.30am The Life Centre, Plymouth, PL2 3DG

There is often a sociable meet up for a coffee (and breakfast) post session.